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Chirostat News

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EFPSI/PSI Conference 2008

Eddie gave a talk and presented a poster on

"Fitting Straight Lines to Scatter Graphs when Both Variables are Subject to Error".

Earlier Conferences

A talk at the PSI conference in 2007 was on

"Presenting the Uncertainty of Sample Size Calculations".

A talk at the RSS/PSI conference in 2005 (in collaboration with ClinPhone) was on

"When To Close Screening / Run-In".

Two presentations at a Henry Stewart conference on CPMP Points to Consider in 2003 were:

1) Missing Data: Problems highlighted with the “Points to Consider” document

2) Adjustment for Baseline Covariates


Two talks were given at the PSI conference in 2002: "Multiple imputation for handling missing covariates" and "A Fresh Look At ‘Nonparametric’ Estimation For Tied Data". Please contact Chirostat for more information.

Confidence intervals for multiple comparison tests

Do you want to do powerful multiple comparison tests and still quote confidence intervals and p-values? See the Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics (2001: 45-63) for a solution covering Williams' and other step-down multiple comparison tests against control. [abstract]

Pharmacokinetic Studies

Chirostat has worked with major pharmaceutical and smaller companies on the analysis of PK studies (including dermato- pharmacokinetics). Chirostat can provide a sample size calculations, data entry, statistical analysis, report and graphical presentations.

Investigator training on rating scales

Statisticians can help to ensure that investigators complete rating scales consistently in areas such as schizophrenia. Chirostat offers simple methodology supported by an Excel / Visual Basic program for use at investigator training meetings (ECNP Congress, 1998).

Lateral Thinking

Eddie can offer a fresh look at your problem lateral thinking. For example, he raised money for charity by not doing something fortunately for everyones ears, staff at Knoll were very generous in paying him not to play the cello.

Greek letters

As statisticians, we like to think that we own the Greek alphabet (or perhaps just share it with mathematicians). The founders of PSI chose the symbol Y for its logo. The nice thing about Greek letters is that they evoke memories of warm holidays in the Greek islands (alternatively sitting your degree finals in hot and stuffy examination halls!)


Multiple imputation

Eddie has investigated multiple imputation, looking at SOLAS and SAS and applying the method in two clinical trials. Eddie is offering a course ‘Missing values: CPMP guidance and multiple imputation’.

PSI activities

Eddie has always been a keen member of PSI, and has given several talks and served on the Public Affairs subcommittee.

Employment history

Eddie has been a freelance statistical consultant since leaving Knoll Pharmaceuticals in 2001. His earlier career was mainly in Nonclinical Statistics but in recent years has done a lot of work in Clinical Statistics. He is particularly interested in practical statistical problems and supporting other statisticians.

Why Chirostat?

The three Greek letters which perhaps most represent statistics are c ( c² test, c² distribution), r (correlation) and S or s (variance or summation). Chiro indicates medical statistics whether a molecule is right- or left-handed is often crucial to its efficacy.