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Missing values are a key topic in the analysis of clinical trials. The CPMP have issued Notes for Guidance and the technique of multiple imputation is at our fingertips in SOLAS and SAS.
But what is multiple imputation? Does it make sense? Will it make any practical difference to the results? Should it be used as the primary analysis or a sensitivity analysis?
Chirostat offers a course run at your company so that all your statisticians can attend – no need to travel, be forced into the bar by other delegates or write up notes for your colleagues.
This is not a course to attend and forget about, as you will be reviewing your company’s policy on missing values



  • Review of missing value problems and solutions

  • Regulatory guidance

  • What is multiple imputation?

  • Use of SOLAS and SAS, and comparison of the packages

  • Case studies on missing values

  • Discussion session to review your company’s policy on missing values

Optional Programme

  • Seminar for clinicians and other non-statisticians

  • Individual queries for people who have already tried multiple imputation

Chirostat offers full support for any queries after the course


For further information please speak to Eddie on +44(0)115 925 5408 or email eddie@chirostat.com